Bulk Voice Call Services

Bulk Voice Call Service is a very important marketing tool that allows one to send a pre-recorded message to a large group of people. We at Text Smash Zone offers prominent Bulk Voice Calling Services in Pan India. With our bulk voice call services you can place your message in you Audience mind which will directly boost your business.

Most commonly used Mobile Marketing Service is Bulk SMS services, which is considered as an effective marketing tool. Though SMS services are considered as the fastest of the lot but recently bulk voice call service has gained attention in the process of promoting businesses. With a simple process of bulk voice call service, you can record voice message in your regional language and send that to you audience in few mouse clicks.

  1. Our Bulk Voice SMS servers are strong enough to handle millions of request in one time; so that you convey your message to your audience by most simple, fast and price effective method.
  2. You can always expect maximum successful bulk voice call delivery from us.
  3. Our Bulk Voice Call Services can be used to send out any alerts/reminder notifications, important announcements, social campaigning messages, business promoting/marketing campaigns, latest offers and updates on products and services.
  4. Text Smash Zone assure you fastest and instant Bulk Voice Call delivery to large base in one click.
  5. Our distinctive audio clip uploading facility with auto re-dialing of undelivered calls are some of the unique features of Bulk Voice Call service.

These qualities and our dedication towards our clientele made our preferred choice of our clients seeking excellent marketing solutions from us.

In Bulk Voice Calls Services , we ensures that you get the following benefits:

  • More than 90% Delivery to target audience.
  • User friendly panel with easy account activation.
  • Audio clip uploading with auto re-dialing of unsuccessful calls
  • 100% Reliable servers to ensure on time delivery.

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