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Frequently Asked Questions

> What is BulkSMS ?

   BulkSMS is basically a platform through which you can easily send thousands of messages at a time on random mobile numbers by just
   a simple click throughdifferent bulk sms gateway.

> What is the basic use of Bulk SMS? ?

   BulkSMS services are vastly used across the globe to send sms that helps to viral any kind of news, information, product, brand or services
   to any individuals or to various groups of people.

> Can I Send SMS Messages to any network through Bulk SMS Service?

   Yes! We are one of the top most bulk sms provider in India, with the help of our solutions, it is quite easy to send group SMS in all over the
   India via differentsms gateway networks.

> How I came to know, my messages get delivered?

   It's easy; we will provide all delivery details of sent SMS with the help of service provider, in your account itself.

> What is the refund policy of non-delivered messages?

   If any issues caused due to SMSC or SMS pushed on any DND numbers, we will credit that much SMS in your account within 48 hours.

> How much SMS I can send at once?

   At a time you can send 1 lakh bulk sms in bulk sms gateway.

> Can I send personalized SMS to my contacts through PC?

   Of-course you can!

> What is API?

   The role of API is to provide an interface between different software systems. Bulk SMS API is a quickest way of delivering SMS to the
   intended recipient'scell phones. API is of several types including general. API and specific API.

> Which type of SMS can I push on DND numbers?

   Only Transactional SMS ones, Promotional SMS can't be pushed on DND numbers in any circumstances.

> What is an SMS gateway?

   An SMS gateway is the means through which a computer can send or receive SMS messages. Often allowing for the conversion and
   sending of other forms of media or message (such as email), SMS gateways will generally utilise the same mobile phone networks as
   the messages sent from mobile phones.

> How can I receive SMS messages online?

    You will need to have a short code or a long code or a keyword to be able to receive SMS online. These are also called Virtual
   Mobile Numbers (VMNs).