Flash SMS

Flash SMS is a special type of text message that displays immediately on the mobile phone screen without the user having to take any action to read it. Flash SMS is ideal for industries, companies, agencies, offices, and organizations etc. who have to dispatch any important message which requires instant reaction. These days it is very famous for advertising purposes, marketing and promotion where you need to grab the attention of your reader. It is used when information to be conveyed is urgent like OTP PIN etc.

BULK FLASH SMS (Without Sender ID)

Flash SMS is a service that allows you to set up flash messages in your business. with this system, you can send flash SMS messages on any mobile numbers in less than 60 seconds. We guarantee 90% delivery within 1-2 hours & 10 digit numbers are used for delivering our messages. Our services include: - Instant delivery - Good quality SMS - No cost per message

  • ✅ Get FLASH SMS from Textsmashzone
  • ✅ Delivery Timing is 1-2 hours
  • ✅ Delivery Assurance is 90% on NON DND Numbers.
  • ✅ The messages will be delivered via 10 digit mobile numbers.
  • ✅ Message will appear on screen freezing the rest of apps.
  • ✅ 1 Lac Sms : 0.15 paise/sms
  • ✅ 3 Lac Sms : 0.14 paise/sms
  • ✅5 Lac Sms : 0.12 paise/sms
  • ✅ 10 Lac Sms: 0.10 paise/sms
  • ✅ 18% GST Additional